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Is it time for a Money Mindset Shift?

With all the news and media talking about how the sky is falling over and over again, it’s vital that you protect your energy. Keeping your spirits up is a simple way of calling you forth to notice your beliefs that you think about over and over. This one area alone will impact the actions you take – or don’t take in your business.

Don’t fall victim to being unconscious about your runaway thoughts and go into constricted scarcity thinking about what’s not possible. Now it’s imperative that you surround yourself with possiblity thinkers and notice where you get stuck in your money mindset beliefs.

Here are 7 money mindset shifts that will support your success. Notice which one is true for you. Step in and ask for the shift.

Money Mindset Shift #1
Everything is a Spiritual Exchange

This can be a huge powerful shift for you and your business. I know as a joyful business owner you already have a business based on your core values of what’s important to you. This takes this belief and resulting action to a deeper place. Look at everything as a spiritual exchange of energy. In this article, there is energy coming through the words and my intention, and the energy with which it was written. This is true for you everywhere…with each client communication, each business card you receive, each teleclass or keynote program you give – you are giving out energy and it is being received whether the receipient is aware of the energy exchange consciously or just underneath. How many times have you met someone who seemed pleasant and yet you picked up a “weird vibe?” We are always communicating with our thoughts, intentions, actions, words and invisible vibration.

One of my most important practices is to align my energy before I write. I imagine the faces of those who will read this article. I tap into what my intuition tells me is in their heart and only once I feel aligned do I start writing. I often get feedback where readers will say…that is exactly what I am experiencing. You can do this too as you realize that each marketing touch is a spiritual exchange of energy.

Money Mindset Shift #2
Money is a sign that you are impacting the world

Receiving money is a signal that you are being of service to the world. Receiving more money is a signal that you are being of more service! Whether you are reaching more people or charging more for your services, receiving money is another type of energetic exchange demonstrating that you are sharing your gifts in the world. Any mindset that has you believe that receiving money is wrong, bad or you are being too big…only holds you small and has you keep your gifts to yourself. Open up and allow in the flow!

Money Mindset Shift #3
Know Your Money Why

Why do you want financial success? It isn’t so you can roll around in hundred dollar bills. (although that might be fun!) It’s about what you can exchange the money for. Getting clear about your “money why” will help you commit to making more money and being financially successful. Some examples of “money whys”: ensuring that your children can go to any college they choose, providing fun travel experiences for your family, waking up at 3am and knowing you are independent and worry-free, and giving generously to your favorite charity to help people who have gone through an experience you have gone through too. You have to dig a little deeper’s not about those “nice to have” things – those don’t always inspire you to commit, but those deeper reasons that really touch your heart and open it wide in pain or passion.

Money Mindset Shift #4
Increase Your Awareness As to What Is Possible

Look for opportunities to attend workshops, mastermind with successful mentors, and find stories about successful entrepreneurs. Expand your awareness about what is possible in the world. I recently went to a workshop where at the end of the great quality workshop the presentor offered us a package to coach with her for $100,000! That opened my eyes and my mind to that idea. It has me thinking…what if I could do that? What would need to shift or change? Who would I have to step?

Money Mindset Shift #5
Love Your Money

I’m not encouraging you to become narcisstic here about money, but I am encouraging you to step into absolute love and appreciation for money that is flowing into your life and business AND the money that flows out. Gratitude is a very high vibrational energy. Being in appreciation means you have no resistance – you are allowing it in fully and are aligned with what is happening. Have gratitude each time a client pays you. Express a blessing when someone performs a service for you that you enjoy and benefit from. The other day I received an email receipt for the gifted woman who helps me with my sales copy. I replied to her email receipt and sent HER a quick thanks for working together and how much I appreciated her. I think she was shocked. She said she had never received a thanks for billing before. This will help you line up your energy with the circulation of money – feeling good about how comes into your life and the joy it brings you to pay for services you use. This is a big shift from the typical constricted and confused energy of money you may tend to be in alignment with.

Money Mindset #6
Talk about Your Money

Were you always taught to not mention money? It’s taboo for most of us. We don’t talk about how much we make, we hide purchases, we even lie to ourselves about how much money we’ve spent. Many of us go into what I call “fuzzy brain” around money. I have clients who can’t tell me how much they have made this year or how much they have spent. They don’t want to look. Funny thing is – the clearer you get about your money – no matter what the picture is – the more empowered you will feel. Start talking about your money to yourself and trusted members of a mastermind group. It will take the charge out of the money conversation and free you up to have real conversations. You will be able to make decisions with clarity and conviction.

Money Mindset #7
Trust and Let Go of the Hows for More Money to Flow

When you feel your heart opening and your inspiration spouting forward pay attention. It’s your spirit speaking. It’s telling you that you are in alignment with the idea you are considering. Your mind may be telling you another story…”how could I do this? I don’t know how or I don’t have enough money.” The thing is we can’t see the “how” until we say YES! Once you trust yourself and the universe enough to let out a resounding YES…then the next inspired step appears in front of you. As you take that step…the next inspired step appears. Every time I have made a big leap of faith – in working with a higher priced mentor, falling in love with a man across the big pond, or wanting a special vacation by the ocean – every time I commit the means, ways and hows always show up! Trust.

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Driverless Cars Are No Longer a Thing of the Future

Driverless cars are coming. We know. We’ve heard this kind of stuff before and there’s still no flying car in the driveway.

But the technology for full driverless cars — computers, radar and laser sensors, GPS devices — is all in place. Lexus already offers a car that will parallel-park itself. In 2007, Carnegie Mellon University won a $2 million Pentagon contest with a car that changed lanes, merged, parked and negotiated busy intersections on its own.

By the mid-90s, “hands off” cars had driven across the United States and Europe, over 98 percent of the time requiring no interference from the driver.

The innovations may come gradually, beginning with a government requirement that, beginning with the 2012 model year, all new cars have automatic stability controls to help prevent rollovers. And more companies will offer sensor-activated braking systems that will stop the car if the driver fails to.

And General Motors is apparently still on track to begin offering driverless cars by 2020.

The appeal of a driverless system is that it will allow motorists to do all the things they do now — text, talk on the cell, fool with a laptop, eat, watch videos — free from the distraction of driving the car.

One appeal of a driverless system is safety. Last year, the U.S. had 37,000 traffic deaths, more than 90 percent of them attributed to driver error. For traffic planners, there’s the appeal of a system to fight traffic congestion by automatically feeding information to car computers.

There are issues of government regulation, liability and privacy still to be worked out. But the success of the E-ZPass toll-collection system suggests that motorists don’t care whether the government knows where they’re going.

The real hurdle may be psychological. Will Americans cede control of their cars to a black box? Will they have the confidence to do so? After all, if we can remotely perform delicate operations more than a mile below the sea surface with flawless precision…. Never mind.

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