Be Positive in All You Do!

December 2, 2010 Michelle Murray

I was reading an article in a  magazine when I came across an article by Wally Amos, of Uncle Wally’s Muffins. In it he writes, “Many folks throughout the years have commented to me that being famous makes it easy for me to have a positive attitude. I explain that I am famous because of my positive attitude.” Here’s the question: What’s your attitude like today? Is it helping you or hurting you as you go after what you want in life? Is it positive or negative?

Help me out here. Do you believe the following statements are true? :

Companies are always looking for individuals with negative attitudes to employ.

You will make far more income throughout your lifetime with a negative attitude than with a positive one.

Successful people like to be around negative people.

Teams thrive with negative team members.

I’m sure someone out there is saying, “It’s hard to be positive in such a negative world?” Why? Because you believe it is. What if you could teach yourself to look at things differently? What if you could teach yourself to believe that hard does not mean impossible, hard does not mean can’t be done. That hard is just a word and that words have no power until you believe they do.  Be part of the solution, not part of what’s wrong. Look for the opportunities, not the obstacles.  Be someone with a positive attitude not someone who is thinking about having a positive attitude.

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