Assess The Company You Keep

November 30, 2010 Michelle Murray

I Corinthians 15: 33 says that Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals. It is the Bible’s way of giving us a stern warning about the folks who we allow to be in our lives. If you keep bad company, the Bible says that your good morals will be corrupted. In other words, you will then become like the people around you…like the company you keep.

Throughout Proverbs, we are given wisdom about what happens when we keep companionship with ungodly people. The result is always unfortunate. Recently, there have been a number of high profile incidents that demonstrate the importance of keeping people who are bad company at a distance in our lives. The more they are in our lives, the more of an opportunity they have to know us, to know our weaknesses, to know where we are vulnerable—the closer they get to us, the more damage they are able to do.

Evaluate the people in your life. Are they good company or are they bad company? If they are not of benefit to you and your walk with the Lord, you probably need to take a serious look at whether or not to allow them to maintain the close proximity they have to you and your life.  Living in the moment, doing what feels good, tolerating bad behavior of others and pleasing the flesh are great ideas spawned by Satan, until you realize God’s ideas are better.  MUCH better.

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